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This web page is sponsored by the Home Church Discussion List (HCDL), an internet mail list. It's rudimentary at the moment: no fancy backgrounds, no nifty image maps, no sound or video. Sorry - if you want that, try the Disney site. We are building this site to provide access to resources that HCDL members have taken the time and trouble to create to help the church at large.

If "home church" is a new idea to you, check out Why Do People Home Church? for some of the reasons.

If you want to know just who we are, you can click on the image below to get a bigger version. It's a picture of some of us at a home church "family gathering" at Potato Creek, Indiana in October 1996.


For what pass as answers to specific questions, check the following:

What is HCDL?
Do you know where I can find a home church in my area? Or, try the automated directory of home churches that HCDL members put together in cooperation with House Church Central
How can I get previous HCDL discussions?
Does HCDL have other resources I might find useful?
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