Do you know where I can find a home church in my area?

Maybe yes, maybe no; but we hope so.

House churches have a pretty low visibility - no steeple, no kiosk with this week's sermon, and mostly no 800 number. We mostly meet in living rooms and backyards, so we're a little hard to find unless you already know where to look. One of the missions of HCDL has been to help people find existing home churches, and to link together people who might be interested in starting a home church of their own.

Begin with the automated directory of home churches that HCDL members put together in cooperation with House Church Central

People also post messages on HCDL looking for a home church in a particular area. Periodically, we compile requests for a home church to date, just in case someone's previous request maps nicely to your own request. Maybe you could make beautiful music together.

If none of these resources help you out, post a note to HCDL to say that you're looking for a house church in a particular area. Sometimes HCDL members know of groups, or know people who might know of groups, or know people who know people who . . .

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