Other Sites Related to Home Church

I happen to detest web pages that are nothing but links to other web pages. They make it look like the site is freeloading off of other people's hard work creating useful information. If everyone just pointed to other people's sites, the World-Wide Web would be an empty web with no, um, flies for us spiders to eat.

For home churches, however, a page of links might be useful. If you've ever tried to enter the search string "home church" in a Web search engine, you know that either you get no hits or you hit on every "HOME" page for a "CHURCH." Neither of these is what you want.

If you want to try links to other home church related stuff, check out these web sites:

Naturally, there's also a lot of tangentially related stuff out there, but you're on your own finding it. If you find something relevant to home churches that we don't have a link to yet, drop mail to the maintainer with the URL.

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